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(New) Just read the article about Locavore Lite 2010 in the Ventura County Star. Count me in. I've been dabbling at buying local over the past few years. This just helps me to keep it top-of-mind now. Thanks for doing this!

Date : 01/01/2010
Posted By : Denise V.

(New) Robin and I are participating 100%. - Randy & Robin Graham

Date : 12/27/2009
Posted By : Valley Vegetarian

(New) I will do it too. I have been wanting to learn more about the Locavore project... it seems really difficult! I am going to sift through the website and start reading more about it. But I will definitely commit to the the Locavore Light!

Date : 12/17/2009
Posted By : Kali Lantrip

(New) Thanks. This feels very user friendly. I just talked with a friend, Annie, who wasn't able to "pull off" the full out Lovavore project but is really interested and feels like she can totally do this. Her daughter might join as well. Yes We Can!

Date : 12/16/2009
Posted By : Connie

(New) I get it! At least once a month we're going to challenge ourselves to make up some fun recipes from local only stuff! Count Connie and I in; and we'll even share our recipes in the Discussion Forum for others to try out (and we'll look for ideas there also). Bon appetit! -David Lantrip & Connie Rodgers-Lantrip

Date : 12/15/2009
Posted By : David Lantrip

(New) Don't quite understand format but Sandy and I are interested in participating in Locavore lite
Roland and Sandy Messori

Date : 12/14/2009
Posted By : messority_1427

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