About LifeEventNet.com

LifeEventNet.com is where you can set up a webpage connecting friends and family when something important happens in life.

People want to come together during a Life Event whether it's a new baby, wedding, recovery from injury or illness, or a loss in the family.

Using a free Life Event webpage makes it better for everyone.

Webpage Features

Use a webpage to...

Tell people about the situation and give them updates all at once.

  • No more email chains, phone tag, or the day-to-day clutter found on other sites.
  • Quickly get the word out and help people stay in the loop.

Schedule helpful activities, like meal delivery, for situations when it's needed.

  • Give people a way to take action without imposing.
  • No more, "What can I do to help?" They can use the group calendar and sign up.

Commemorate a special time in life.

  • Keep the comments of support or celebration left in the guestbook.
  • Store all the photos uploaded by friends and family to share.
  • Personalize a keepsake or a thank you gift using someone's own words.

Example Webpage

April's Life Event Video

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